MN Jewelry

Marina Natsvlishvili is a painter, designer, and jewelry designer under the name MN Jewelry, based in Tbilisi, Georgia. ​

After finishing Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, she was working in theaters and film production. 


Marina started creating jewelry 9 years ago and she only creates exclusive jewelry from gold, silver, and natural stones. None of the jewelry is repeated and each of them is unique for its design. Each work is created by hand and, in addition to the work, it is the result of thinking, emotion, taste, and, in particular, a special attitude towards all this.

Periodically, she participates in exhibitions in Georgia and abroad. Her jewelry pieces are sold around the world.


Rhodium plated, chased silver.

Agate, phosphorus agate.

Price 165 EUR

Rhodium plated, chased silver. Amethyst, aquamarine, topaz

Price 330 EUR

Rhodium plated, chased silver. Turquoise, obsidian, tourmaline, nacre

550 EUR