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Omas/ Summer Edition

Omas is a stage name of an artist, born and raised in South Korea.

Tears come out when he reaches his peak. That's why my every artwork has tears. Each of my artwork represent my emotion. I'm influenced by Bob Ross. He said "We don't make a mistake, we have happy accident." That word stuck in my mind. That word makes me positive. I think biggest challenge is Overcoming the negative views of people around me. In my case, I tell them about my dream and I ignored every negative views, and I worked hard. I go to highschool for now, but I do nothing in school. I just spend the time, talk to friends, or thinking about artwork idea. I like to express myself freely in art. Because this makes me happy. I dislike pictures by painting on the computer. Because It's broke 'Happy Accident'. Ctrl +c, +v and +z ruined the 'Happy Accident'. But something that can only work with computers (like C.G.) is fine.


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