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Angela Galvan/ Queer Art

Angela Galvan and I am a dark-kitsch photorealistic painter from Venice.

She was born in Venice (Italy) in 1987, where she studied at the Academy of fine arts and graduated in Philosophy. Later moved to England and Pisa where she graduated in the History of art. She now lives between Hungary and Slovenia, teaching Italian at university and painting. She is a part of the collective Hungarian movin' gallery and has exhibited in Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.

“My paintings are mostly oils on canvas, with very detailed and almost invisible brush strokes. I'm inspired by the late Titian, Caravaggio's light and the concept of kitsch of Odd Nerdrum. My main subject is portraits of young androgynous guys, almost always sad or meditating, often erotic. I think that female nudity is accepted in art, and objectified in everyday life, while male nudity is still a taboo; and as a female painter I want to make a statement and show the frustration of sexuality and of love from another and less used perspective.”


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