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Anum Farooq for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Anum Farooq is an autodidactic artist. Anum is fond of the creative links between the Sciences and the Arts. Anum’s art relates to exploring, dreaming and discovering the world around us, educating ourselves with inner insights enlightened with natural perspectives. The mediums utilised are a mix of acrylic, oils and gouache in fluid movements, to enable a holistic art experience. The insight between nature, faith and humanity is a lifelong discovery. Our perceptions of the natural world and our role within it, are interesting concepts to explore.

'My interest in exploring the relationship between Science and Art stems from my background in Biochemistry, as well as utilizing pedagogical approaches in combining these disciplines via cross curricular links. I utilize the stages of observation and experimentation from the Scientific method, in my approach to Art, for instance I observe the natural world around us, whether that be the shape of a leaf, patterns in the waves and rocks, colours in the cloud formations to the shape and texture of the tree branches and so on. Then, I experiment with distilling these themes into the abstract paintings or I simply photograph the biology of life with links to human insights and emotions.

My art has strong links with nature, faith, inner perspectives, and humanity, and is deeply connected and influenced by the natural world. In looking towards the future, I am to further strengthen the ties between Art and Science by exploring the themes of wind and kinetic energy in the natural world, with links to human emotions; essentially how does the sea breeze make you feel? Such explorations, I hope will also influence the academic aspect, in expanding the cross-curricular links between Art and Science for a holistic learning experience'. Anum Farooq


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