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Aristo Vopĕnka/ Autumn Issue

Aristo Vopĕnka is an expressionism (transdisciplinary) artist from the Netherlands, currently working out of Brussels, Belgium. His works typically involve a blend of mediums, with a particular emphasis on installations dominated by digital elements, but always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with modern tools.

It's hard to pinpoint when Vopĕnka became an artist since he has always had an innate desire to express himself creatively. From a young age, he discovered the photo camera as a powerful tool for capturing and conveying his perspective on the world around him. In high school, he went a step further and made a short film, which was awarded a jury prize and further cemented his passion for the arts. Since then, Vopĕnka has experimented with various media and art forms, taking inspiration from different styles and cultures as has been looking for new ways to express himself. This journey of self-discovery ultimately led him to pursue a master of art degree from LUCA | school of arts and to co-found DURVYN, a company that merges art, architecture, and lifestyle to create unique, immersive experiences. In his recent work, Vopĕnka explores the boundaries between photography, illustration, painting, fashion and print. By adopting an experimental approach to these different media, he creates new forms of expression that challenge traditional notions of art. Playing with perception with the power of modern collage, harnessing data in source material to create new worlds. This playful interaction with the viewer forms the core of his current research and main motivation in the creation of new works. His fascination with working with space, light, sound and color constantly evolves to question the possibilities of today's artistic practice. In addition to his audiovisual work, Vopĕnka collaborates with other artists to broaden his artistic horizons and find inspiration for new works. His portfolio website serves as an attractive platform for galleries, collectors, and visitors to browse his oeuvre and to engage in direct interaction with the artist. Through his expanding body of work, Vopĕnka continues to push his boundaries and explore new terrain.

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