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Autumn Issue/ Seasonal Edition

Welcome to the Autumn Issue of our art magazine, Volume 35, where we embark on a vibrant journey through the mesmerizing world of art. As the leaves turn to brilliant shades of red, orange, and gold, so too does our artistic landscape transform, offering a breathtaking array of creativity from talented international artists. Art has the remarkable ability to transcend language and culture, and our Autumn Issue seeks to bridge those divides by bringing the world's artists and their stories right to your doorstep. We encourage you to explore each page with a curious and open heart, to let the colors, textures, and concepts wash over you, and to revel in the autumnal splendor that artists from around the world have so graciously shared with us.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the beauty and diversity of art this autumn. We invite you to discover, appreciate, and be moved by the incredible talent that graces the pages of our magazine. We hope you find inspiration in these pages, just as we have in bringing them to you.

Happy reading, and may this season's art enrich your spirit and fill your world with the magic of autumn's artistic wonders.

Published artists:

Dan Alquist | Esteban La Rotta Medina | Francesca Texidor | Iuliia Shulga | Klaudia Leja |

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson | Mark Sajatovich | Neda Petrova | Nicola Hill | Shreya Sahai |

Quin de la Mer | Thomas Martin Conway | Tomas Lagunavicius | Zain Majeed


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