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Becky Moriarty/ 'In the City'

Becky is an Irish made but based in London. Illustrator and Graphic Designer who is a fan of a challenging brief, collaborating with others and any chance to put pencil to paper. Print and digitally skilled, with 8 years experience freelancing and working in-house, within the design industry. Inquisitive and enthusiastic individual with a passion for image making, branding and layout design.

When not drawing, can be found drinking coffee in London Fields, doing yoga or chasing the night around Hackney.

''I’m an outsider who moved to Hackney and made it their home. My work focuses on connections between memory and place in this London borough. Investigating the question: is it the imprint of recollection on a physical space that cements its identity and what happens when we take the life out of it? Can one place house many different layers of personality? Due to the pandemic, I have spent the last 2 year wandering the streets, noticing the same faces. I wanted to understand this place through collecting traces of the people living here now and before. Embodying a true flaneur, I started using my daily walks to ‘drift’ through the landscape collecting photos, rubbings, video recordings and drawings. I explored parts of the area I had never been to before and came across a selection of hidden gems, off the beaten track but popular with the locals.''


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