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Cameron Lings/ 'Sculpture' Special Edition

Cameron Lings is a contemporary artist and sculptor from the industrial-known town of Scunthorpe, UK. He studied Art and Design at North Lindsey College, before more graduating from The MIMA School of Art and Design, with a First Class Degree with Honor's in Fine Art. He has since completed a Masters degree and continues to develop his artistic practice in the North East of England. Cameron's primary 3-dimensional practice, which is both time and site-specific, bridges the fields of contemporary art and mathematics to a subject matter.

Cameron Lings's practice consists of generating three-dimensional form from bodies of data-sets and statistics. Through a systematic and research-based approach, his creations realize themselves as functioning sources of information - despite their initial abstract traits. Lings utilizes variants of scale, shape and material choice throughout his works, in order to enhance their relevance to both a subject and site.


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