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Carly Florentine/ #loveofmylife

Eudaimonia Formula Playthings of fate Depression, aggression, addiction The sexual libido becomes rampant In the existential vacuum Retrospectives of thought Vicious-circle formations The Promethean script on human evolution It’s not naïve realism It’s rose-tinted mirrors That weave the fabric Of the purposive Universe Beckoning the wallet of infinity Clean cash come to thee Happiness cannot be pursued It must ensue No feelings are final In the fullness of time Ecstasy is a quality of awareness Of the deeper dream Beyond the anthropocene We all want better Than better than nothing The unspoken agreement In the domain of the human Of consensual reality Is the experience economy The loveliness of touch The chancy happenstance Consciousness, spontaneity, and intimacy Certain about the virtues of embodiment In the benevolent balm of sex The loving person enables the beloved person To actualise their potentialities They make their tragedy into a triumph It’s too true that the pleasure of love is greater Than the love of pleasure

''I am an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on the philosophical entrepreneurship of expression that encapsulates the content of beyond words. Literary and visual renderings are married to tell the stories and show the evidence of the clues that seemingly refute randomness and propose free will; through the artistry of reality highlighted by a multimedia memoir. I exhibit instances of happiness, affection and beauty in nature to showcase the wittiness of the world and document the relationship between art, science and philosophy by collecting and curating eclectic experiences alongside fascinating facts. I believe that the particulars of personal preferences reveal universals when embarking on adventures immersed in the kindness of humankind and the exquisiteness of the cosmos. These social experiments and escapades occasion conceptual theories on the correspondence between consciousness, connection and cosmology with ideas advanced on the immortality of friendship, the unforgettability of endearment and the infinite nature of intimacy.''


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