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Caroline LE COM/ Spring Issue

Caroline LE COM was born in 1995 in Quimper, She lives and works in Paris, focusing her photographic work on capturing everyday life through a timeless lens. Preferring purely film photography, she adds a touch of nostalgia to her images. Her portfolio alternates between intimate scenes and street photography.

Notebook of America: A Photographic Year

I just returned from a year spent in Montreal, my suitcase overflowing with memories, objects, and images. It was essential for me, as if to put a final dot mark on this adventure, to show my photos and let them live a little longer, together.

I tried to capture the beauty of North American cities while exploring the daily lives of the inhabitants and searching for my place among them. I draw inspiration from images derived from our collective imagination and cinematic clichés. I play with framing, colors, and contrasts, and I use black and white as a tradition of archival and documentary style. (Each photograph can be accompanied by a descriptive element about the location and moment of capture.)

The series stems from a compilation of nearly 360 pictures taken over the course of a year, representing one roll of 35mm film per month. Opting for all analog, beyond the surprise of the image, adds a touch of nostalgia to the photographic rendering.


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