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Celeste Drouin-Davis/ 'Landscapes'

Celeste Drouin-Davis is an artist based in Leeds (UK) and recently graduated with a 1:1 Ba (Hons) in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University, and an MA in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University, with a dissertation focusing on the role of the sketchbook/diary/journal in the artist's life. How the personal entries in the diary affect and influence the artworks make by Jack Whitten and Keith Haring. Celeste has exhibited both in local small galleries and internationally.

''My practice is personal and observational in nature, drawing upon my diary writings to create poetic works. The diary is a deeply personal place, where richer emotions are expressed, but are hidden amongst meaningless small talk. I am heavily inspired by Walter Benjamin’s theory on the aura of works, as well as John Cage’s lecture on nothing. Working within the realms of the digital and physical, with a pencil or a stylus in my hand, I create works which are either in the relatability of the human, or in the distance of digitalisation.''


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