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Chenglin Xue for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Xue Chenglin currently lives and works in Beijing and New York. Xue was educated at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Alfred university, department of electronic integrated art. He has participated in exhibitions at Werkstatt Grazy Gallery, Vienna; Robert C. Turner Gallery; and CAFA art museum, Beijing among others. Xue’s work uses Arduino, processing, Max Msp, and other interactive software in synergy with photography, video, printmaking, and other media. His work explores the nature of video and objective reality, focusing on the relationship between people and nature, attempting to harness interactive media to explore an invisible reality.

''What is reality? When we approach the world through vision, we believe that what we see is real, but in reality, it is not. If ancient Chinese artists used meditation to communicate with and describe the world, can we also use an alternative dialectic to access an alternative vision of reality? In my work I have attempted to use self-constructed digital interactive receptive installations to record and describe the world, visually rendering the transformation of material energy. Perhaps such a visualization of energy is in fact the manifestation of an invisible reality, the expression of an alternative emotion…''

Presented project: Perhaps Everything is Just Gone; Black & White Photography; 40X40 inch

Do we really have a memory? Do Memories represent our own imagination? After we get over of the short travel of our life, what can we leave behind? I pursuit of the answer by placing a pinhole camera on the top of the car during my journey…

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