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Ciro Di Fiore for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Ciro Di Fiore has the pseudonym of Daniel, his creative journey began from “First Alternative Winter” of Rimini in Italy in 2007 Daniel has exhibited his stylistic paintings with his fashion samples because he is also an emerging stylist. Since december 2015 shows his artistic / stylistic works in Museums, galleries, fairs in Italy and abroad as Europe and America and United Arabe Emirates, Australia and China and during an exhibition he had the definition like “ artistic fashion designer.

Ciro Di Fiore (Daniel) is a mixed media artist hyperealism, conceptual, fashion and (an Italian emergent fashion designer) and with him the fashion goes in the art and in the music, and in every creative and cultural spheres and in every sector, but it is not the usual meeting between these types of creativity with contaminations neither an exchange between them and nor a simple combination.

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