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Cristina Raduica/ Spring Issue

Little Dreams

A woman ran out of dreams and went to borrow some from her neighbors.

'I'm sorry,' said one neighbor. 'I don't have any dreams left. You see, I used them all on my children.' The woman thanked her anyway and went on to the next house.

'I'm sorry, I don't have any dreams left,' answered a man after hearing her request.

'Oh, could I borrow your nightmares then?'

'I'm afraid that's not possible either. The nightmares are being used by my children in the dark.' The woman went away and knocked on a third door.

'Could I borrow some dreams, please?'

'Yes,' answered a woman, 'but they are very boring.'

'What about your nightmares then?'

'Sure, they are in the cupboard.'

She opened the cupboard and they were all there: anxiety, hypochondria, arachnophobia, acrophobia.

And a peculiar fear of tails.

She took them nevertheless and set them up in her own house. It didn't take long before everything went crazy; there were screams coming out from every corner and people running around shouting and pointing at things that weren't really there.

'That's not what I meant ... ,' she thought sadly. So she went back to her neighbor and asked her if she really couldn't have any dreams, however little or boring.

'Okay,' said the neighbor with a sigh. 'There's one in the cellar. Just behind the door.'

The woman opened the door and looked behind it, but instead of finding a dream she found a broomstick. 'It's Okay, I'll take it,' she said with a smile to her neighbor.

Then she turned around and left.

Cristina Tanya was born in Bucharest, Romania (1989), I live in Masstricht, Netherlands but spent my formative years in Italy. In my particular circumstance, the formative years started around the age of 23. Then, I won a scholarship for a screenwriting course at a filmmaking school in Rome and, more or less, never stopped writing ever since. I co-wrote a mockumentary with my then film professor and fellow students and currently I am studying Arts & Humanities with specialization in Creative Writing with The Open University. It's a very broad degree which allowed me to study also psychology and a “music, sound and technology” module.

This year I will publish my very first collection of absurdist flash fiction.


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