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Donna Andronicos/ 101 contemporary artist and more... VOL4

Donna, the artist, draws inspiration from her environment, with the surrounding landscapes serving as a perpetual wellspring of sensory influence that shapes her artistic endeavors. Her work takes shape organically as she navigates the painting process, allowing her instincts to lead the way.

Her aspiration is to instill in her abstract artwork the same sensory resonance in observers as it holds for her. She hopes that her creations will resonate in a meaningful manner with those who engage with them, be it by evoking memories, sparking sensations, or expressing emotions. Donna's objective is to encourage viewers to pause, fix their gaze, and follow wherever their contemplation may take them. She wishes for them to not merely rely on their eyes but to permit their senses to be their guides, mirroring the very essence of her creative process, fostering a profound connection with the artwork akin to what she experienced during its inception.


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