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Ekaterina Kozlova for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Ekaterina Kozlova is a photographer, an artist and psychologist by education. She has been doing photography since 2010, and since 2018 constantly studying photography and contemporary art. Her work has always been associated with the visual arts. For the last few years She has been doing contemporary art fashion photography with elements of provocation.

''It is important for me to show the beauty of a person precisely through his body, but at the same time I use bodies not as a sexual object, but as an art object and simply as an object. It is also important for me to destigmatize various manifestations (for example, I have a project aimed at destigmatizing menstruation) and expand the concept of the norm, which is rather narrow in Russian society. I am a feminist and body positive person, it is important for me to support the LGBTQ+ community and show a healthy expression of sexuality in my art. I don't think of the body as a “commodity” in the marketing market. We can be anything, our inalienable right is to be who we want and who we are comfortable with. In my works, I explore the boundaries of modern reality and help people accept themselves,'' Ekaterina Kozlova.

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