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Erika Loch/ Floral

Erika Loch is a poet, lyricist, and writer based in London, UK. She writes in defiance of modern book burning, leaving messages for those who seek to read between the lines. She writes for her healing heart, to mine and transmute the past, and for future dreamers. The practice of writing gives Erika space to explore the mechanics of thought, time to play with meaning, and a medium to work out the most authentic arrangement of words and means to express the myriad ideas that haunt, tease, and dance in her inner world and upon her soul. She writes as a natural pathway to excavate meaning. Like a hummingbird when it comes to concepts and ideas, and a down a hole when intrigued by something newly discovered, Erika does not focus on any single theme, but recurring subject matter includes mother nature, consciousness, rebirth, lived and shared experience, memory, movement, abandonment, trauma, recovery, characters, humanity, freedom, and truth-seeding. The creative formats she is mainly drawn to are poetry (predominantly lyrical), song lyrics, research pieces, articles and op-eds. Erika is currently writing a new book which is in the realm of narrative non-fiction – time, is the central character. Erika hopes that her work helps readers feel or see something inside of them, conjure pictures, scenes, and landscapes in their mind’s eye; softens pain, and/or bolsters courage. If there is something to be learned, an emotion to be stirred, or a new perspective to be come upon through reading her poems, Erika believes she has honoured the spirit of the craft.

We Will Still Be Here

We will still be here

Said the mycelium

And so the truth

So the movement

Ever thus.

And so below

We dare not go

But if we know,

The way?

Go to ground

Root and bone

Go to ground

Heal down

To ground, Man, bring it down.

There is a magic promised

If you dare

To the edge

Of the lake

You’ll catch your breath

Look up to find

Trust in the runes

And when you’re there

You do not ache.

And so below

We dare not go

But what if we show

The way?

Lay it down, lay it down

Go to ground

Go to ground

Heels off, Girl, heal it down.

There’s a place that I know

With a portal in a tree

And ‘where all is light’

In stone.

In this place

where beauty thrives

and is to be

for the knights of wands

and roan.

And the truth that I know

Is the truth that we grow

In preparation

Of that day.

And so below

We’ll have to go

No matter

what they say.

For the truth that is

And always was,

Come whatever may.


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