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Erika Szentgyörgyi/ Drawings & Sketches

Erika comes from Kiskőrös, a small rural town in Hungary, where she lived for a few years on a peasant farm with her grandparents and the memories of this farm world and many small private farms, influenced her current art.

First of all, it is a regrettable fact that these small private farms were ruined and people moved to big cities. The buildings often stand abandoned in the Puszta and nature is slowly taking over. In agriculture, self-sufficiency was replaced by large-scale farming.

In Erika’s works, the decaying buildings of the abandoned farm world found on the outskirts of her residence and images of their own house renovation appear.

It is a special sight and excitement when she discovered such a building in nature, sometimes it is completely covered by trees and difficult to access, because the undergrowth also grows enormously and almost entwines the decaying building. The subject of her paintings is architecture, but not the representation of a visual impression in the traditional sense, but the mapping of a constantly evolving, almost organically changing process.


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