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Ethan Moss/ Queer Art

Ethan Moss is a Manchester based multi-disciplinary performance artist, who studied at Salford University. His medium of choice is performance, but has a fascination with video medium and digital painting. He has been a part of Manchester Independents, showing his first live Performance "Just Tuesday" at 53Two. His works have been shown at Paradise Works, Touchstones Rochdale, Fronteer Gallery and Salford Museum and Art gallery. He has works within Salford University's collection and Salford Museum and Art gallery's collection.

“Within my works I strive to translate queer experiences, to recreate my joy of expression and the discomfort of outness for those who have not experienced it. My work is autobiographical and unashamedly honest. I focus on showing the vulnerability and strength inherent in navigating a society built for conformity. I work within performance largely as the transience and immediacy of the form is more emotive and connects with the audience on a personal level. My performance pieces are all about experience, from visual to audio to participation. I aim to broaden my audiences perceptions of all things queer, and to make them question their opinions."


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