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FERRÓ for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

“I believe that my art is a reflection of my way of seeing life, it is a

rebellion in general and in particular a refusal to be an adult and to

be able to remain in childhood. My creations reflect another rebellion

that is the visual one, the one that everyone observes, the opposing

shapes, the mixture of all colors, the drastic changes from straight

lines to curves, from triangles to squares, etc. without a perfect or

logical visual language "

Ferró has been painting abstracts since the childhood times, when in an act of rebellion, he decided to do what he really wanted. Ferró likes abstract expressionism as it defines what he wants from life and what it gives to him. Painting with a lot of color he rebels and he refuses what the passage of time pushes him, that push to stop being what he was born, a child.

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