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Francisco Faustino/ Spring Issue

Francisco Faustino lived in Charneca de Caparica until 2021. Currently, lives in Lisbon and is a student of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and also studies Visual Arts independently (ceramics, film photography and abstract painting), having attended classs at Ar.Co Almada, Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, ARTlier and Fábrica Moderna. He was a resident artist at Safra.lx (Lumiar) between March and September of 2022 and in the field of performative arts, he has participated in artistic hikes with the brazilian artist Leonardo Shamah. He has been investigating the merge between film photograpy with ceramic installations that have deformed structures, which takes us to organic shapes in nature, for example, corals, tree trunks and moss. He has also been working on abstract compositions by flashing film rolls. Faustino was selected for Artist of the Month in December of 2022 for and Photographer of the month- December 2022 for ITSLIQUID. He showcased his work at two virtual art shows in January of 2023, 'Winter Group Exhibition' by the Royal Blue Gallery and 'Artist of the Year' by Brouhahaart.


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