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Glenn Ibbitson/ Winter Issue

Glenn originally studied as a fine art painter and was trained at BBC Television Centre [London] as a scenic painter; producing portraits and backdrops for programmes as diverse as Newsnight, Match of the Day, Later withJools Holland and of course, Blue Peter [though he was never awarded a badge]. Two projects on which he headed the scenic artwork won BAFTA awards for design; [“Portrait of a Marriage” 1989; “Persuasion” 1994]. Theatre and film followed, working on movies directed by Lous Mallé, Bill Forsyth, Henry Jaglom and Martin Scorcese; these provided opportunities for him to practice trompe-l’oeil techniques and visual trickery on an industrial scale. After fourteen years in the business, Glenn decided to relocate to West Wales to develop his own art full-time, drawing upon his experience to investigate various artistic methods of [mis]representation to produce a visual discord; a blurring of the line between the genuine and the fraudulent, reality and illusion. He has been elected a member of the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales [currently vice-chair]. and associate of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, showing regularly with bot societies. Artwork has been shown at venues in [among others,] Cardiff, London, San Francisco, Dortmund, Kyoto and New York. Films have been shown in Clermont Ferrand, London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. Paintings are lodged in private collections across six continents.


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