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Indianna Solnick/ Floral

Indian Solnick is a painter and sculptor, primarily working with paper to create spatial interventions. She graduated with an MFA in Painting from the Slade in 2023 and a BA in Painting from Wimbledon in 2017. Throughout her artistic journey, she has received recognition for her talent, being a recipient of the Haworth Scholarship for Painting from 2021 to 2023, winning the Retreat Prize in 2017, and being shortlisted for the Adrian Carruthers Award in 2023.

Her artistic practice revolves around storytelling, focusing on land and lived spaces, and exploring patterns in the structuring and infrastructure of environments. Symbols like flowers or channels correspond to spatial motifs like hubs, enclosures, and passageways. These narratives come to life through her thoughtful material choices and the use of form, diagrams, and narrative techniques in her art.


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