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Iona Hall/ Contemporary Jewelry

Iona is a silversmith and jeweller, graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2018 and Bishopsland in 2019. Iona's passion for objects, in particular boxes, comes from the aspect of discovery that they hold. A box is an object that can fit in the palm of your hand, however once opened it can reveal a sentiment of treasure.

Iona's work inspires a compulsion to pick her pieces up, a personal keepsake that demands further exploration from the viewer. Her pieces create an intimate space between the viewer and the object. They are made to hold, use, and be discovered from many angles, as the design has been considered for both exterior and interior. Iona is drawn to movement, lines, and irregular patterns in natural forms from the beaches near her home in Scotland. She translates these elements into her work using the techniques of fusion, chasing and repousse, scoring, and folding, with the additional use of stone setting to bring a hint of color to her work. The jewelry abstracts her more extensive work, isolating and developing elements from the boxes into wearable objects. Iona has exhibited both nationally and internationally.


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