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Irene Harmsworth/ 'In the City'

Irene started her artistic practice once she left Melbourne and moved to Sydney in the mid 1980’s, after gaining formal art education in Fine Arts. Irene operated an art studio in Menzies Arcade near Pitt Street Sydney where she sketched and painted for art collectors – mainly portraits. In the early to mid-2000’s did Graphic design and illustration for the Dept. Mining NSW and then later for the Dept. of Defence at HMAS Albatross in Nowra NSW graphic design and painting artwork/murals that were commissioned by the Squadron leaders. After that Irene moved back to Victoria and was selected for various painting exhibitions and competitions. Her current art practice style and subject matter are watercolour portraits and various digital designs that are in recent body of work oil paintings and mixed media artwork that have been inspired by the wildlife and native plants where she lives in Narooma.

''In the City has is has its familiar places where we go to meet up with friends and those we love. Often the familiarity of these places is where we buy our latest fashion piece in clothing and items that make us feel good. What we wear becomes part of expressing who we are because fashion is a way to express ourselves, and our identity. One of the main reasons why people spend long hours searching for the right outfit is to avoid criticism. Basically, people don’t want to be judged by others on how bad they look. I have included a number of paintings, drawings, digital designs that reflect life in various cities in Australia and fashion beyond the city in nature and the environment.''


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