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James Mellor/ Abstract Art

''As an artist I enjoy using a variety of media, often experimenting with distinctive styles and tones. I use photographic images as inspiration for my paintings. I use visual images to relate to day-to-day issues that are often hard for people to express and explain, such as mental health, diversity social anxiety, and how people reflect on them in their lives. I create a non-singular vision; each work could relate to a concept or theme, which could equally stand on its own. My ideas are grounded. However, my imagery is dimensional so others may see this as fictional. These ideas could be seen as horror, fantasy, or surrealism. I develop them further using materials, techniques, and skills that can reflect personal life and growth and how people deal with them. The technique used in my latest work gives it a cinematography look, inverting and installing the images to some classic sci-fi and groundwork movies, with imagery from the modern day. My work has a sense of being both finished and unfinished, giving the impression I cannot identify what I am seeing and feeling. I use distinctive colors and light or dark tones to distinguish myself and my surroundings, Limitations, flaws, faith, and uncontrolled emotions are specific interests of mine, as well as my use of a variety of non-conventional media including materials and the process of the art techniques.''

The works are depictions of vibrant light shaping a figurative mystery form. The light could be interpreted as a light source guiding to a specific purpose and can be represented as good and bad as the unknown can attract a participant by admiring or attracting from the light vibrant colors. The figure is shaped to be answered whether good or bad the background is a shade of blackness void that gives a sense of beauty to the light source and yet gives shiver horror imagery is dark and the nothingness that can reflect on dreams and nightmare vision not knowing what it could be as visualize as a glimpse. An abstract wire figure depiction of me as an artist and identity based on mental health. Seen a mysterious with dark and good thoughts. clouded in the dark void but being the light, of not giving up on people and staying focused on the good all the time despite being a challenged and obstacle in the way. Easy to be consumed by bad thoughts and be a bad person. it is represented in this art piece and my other work shrouded in darkness but being the only light source and you. Modern-day art Visual depict and summarizes in color and light we all should aspire to help others and be better than the bad in our world to protect the innocent and inspire the new generation in a spiritual image and identity. The color of the wire in the process is a projector behind the wire sculpture casting different color light that is reflected in the wire figurative. TH choices made with different colours of connection to different moods and feeling such example is purple being a passionate, loving depiction and to me reflects humanitarian issues. The vibrant colours even give a sort of lift to the figurative-looking wire sculptures as these unique, shaped, distorted creatures in various ones being mythical, more being like moths and insects and even shaped into a humanoid. They can be depicted as metamorphosis and change. Metamorphosis is when a creature in its life forms a transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages which is like how I have been using wire in staging and process. Wire as a material is intriguing to me as a template of sculpture as there are many possible outcomes and forms you can create by hand and editing. The surrounding of the wire can be seen as claustrophobic as the idea of the nothingness of black open spaces is horrifying as the scariest depiction of what in your mind can imagine is scarier than what is in a form of reality. Yet looking at the figures themselves visual is striking and rich with the strange feeling of peace looking darkroom meditation or dark therapy, it is a practice of reflection that is often done in a quiet and dark space away from sunlight or artificial light.


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