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Jasenka Hoffmann/ 101 contemporary artists and more... VOL4

Jasenka has a Masters degree in Psychology. She graduated in 2013, and is working as a child psychologist since graduation. As a scientific researcher, Jasenka is active in cognitive psychology and psychology of perception. She researches in a filed of visual mental representations.

Her recent visual works are in contemporary avant garde direction and conceptual, mostly in mixed-media (analogue and digital collague and experimentation with digital art) tehnique and photography series. Jasenka participated in several international art projects in Croatia, Serbia, Germany, UK and USA. She exhibit her works in Mostar (BiH), Majdanpek, Belgrade (Serbia), Otočac, Opuzen, Karlovac, Zagreb, (Croatia), Washington DC, San Francisco (US), London (UK). In 2015 she exhibit in London as one of the Arternative Playgrund Artists.


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