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John Laurence for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

John Laurence was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1983. In his work, he playfully borrows elements from wallpaper and fabric design to create indulgent textile collages. Seeking to manipulate and deconstruct pattern in innovative and colourful ways, he brings together preexisting fabric designs and embellishes pieces indulgently with beads, buttons, sequins, diamantes, and other materials. He deploys fabric like paint, embellishes beyond the constraints of gilded frames, and hand-stitches pattern over pattern. This recontextualizing of upholstery fabrics with contemporary materials produces a vast number of design possibilities, which John explores with a Fauvist sensibility and a penchant for extravagance.

These textile works are a tactile and aesthetic exploration of fabric swatches and embellishment. Upholstery fabric swatches are juxtaposed with pre-existing and original patterns and design motifs. Various combinations and sequences of beads, buttons, and sequins frame a familiar porthole– a window into the image. Pearlesque beads and gold-hued buttons lend an air of opulence, whilst zippers and office clips bring a taste of the mundane. Patterns meet with one another in a prismatic dialogue. A nod to the legacies of European lacemaking, these pieces feature a bold colour palette and are adorned lavishly with diamantes, pearls, and beadwork

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