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Jonathan Smith/ Spring Issue

Jonathan is an oil painter based in Otley in Yorkshire. Self-taught, he synthesizes memories, sketches and photographs to put down on canvas his concepts of art, light and landscape. His inspiration lies in the countryside around him and in the shifting light and weather through the seasons. However, he has recently begun to explore the environmental concerns of modern society through the classic forms of landscape painting.

I have painted landscapes for many years and through this have an intimate knowledge of my surrounding area. It is impossible to ignore the effect that climate change is having on the planet and though we may feel far from the epicenter of these changes, they do affect us as well. I have thus begun to explore themes of climate change, both from a negative and positive outlook.” One painting shows the devastation of storm Arwen in his local woods, the other the use of wind turbines to create energy, in the hope of ameliorating climate change.


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