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Josh Hollingshead/ Spring Issue

Josh Hollingshead is a self-taught artist from Dorset, England, whose work is sometimes allegorical and informed by his travels. He paints large detailed canvases with an emphatic use of color. Josh has developed several series of paintings on the themes of genre scenes, politics, mortality, religion, landscape and the environment.

I have submitted a selection of my works. All of them are narrative paintings where, on close inspection, myriad details reveal themselves, opening each painting up to different interpretations. The vivid colors I have used are often symbolic and emphasize the meaning of each image. The large scale of these works are supposed to convey a sense the viewer could almost walk into each painting. Many of the paintings I have submitted have socio-political connotations. “

In 2012, he won the University of Chichester Award in the National Open Art Competition and has exhibited around the UK and in Germany.


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