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Joshua Obara Norwood/ Summer Issue

Joshua Norwood is a new and emerging artist who is currently volunteering at the Open Eye Gallery. They were born in Ichinoseki, Japan (一関、岩手、日本) to a Japanese mother and a British father. They often use their dual nationality in their work as he concentrates on their identity and now their questioning outlook on their gender identity. Their art strives to be different and spontaneous with experiments with different styles becoming their own style. They believe that the human mind must be deconstructed and reimplanted onto the canvas and the deep conscious must be imprinted whenever and wherever possible onto any medium. Their work and path are to create more artistic awareness and understanding to help bring their thoughts and ideas through their art to the world. Their practice also incorporates environmentally friendly messages, materials, and recycled and scrap items to show their idea of having a sustainable practice. This is in the idea of the world always constantly being in harmony with itself but humanity has turned this harmony around and is starting to destroy the Earth in which to reharmonise, humans must destroy their destruction or the Earth itself will clean the poison up (humanity). It is a reaction against pollution and of their environmentalist views.


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