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KATRIN SAVICH for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Katrin Savich is an artist from Kyiv, Ukraine.

''I'm fascinated by psychology and I'm very interested in watching after myself, people, and all the processes that occur around me. I like to analyze and understand the cause-and-effect relationships. Through my paintings, I am able to tell about my experiences, observations, and consciousness. The main theme of the paintings: a person stays in constant recognition of herself and others. The endpoint does not exist, there is a constant path of recognition/searching. Following this path, the person discovers new facets of herself, learns to accept them, to coexist with them, and also develops relationships with others. The better we know ourselves, the more ecologically we interact with other people,'' Katrin.

Diptych, size 92x40, 2021 mixed media, oil, knitting,  marker, canvas

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