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Kees Ouwens/ Sculpture & 3D Art

Updated: Jan 2

Kees Ouwens studied Landscape Architecture in the Netherlands and went after his study to Japan to deepen his knowledge about Zen ,Culture and Art.Created his studio where he lived and worked for more then 35 years participating in sculpture shows , exhibitions, biennales and executed many commissions inside and outside of Japan such as in South Korea, Indonesia, USA, Canada ,The Netherlands,England ,Italy and Germany. At the moment he relocated to Mexico where he build another studio to work from concentrating on Stone Sculpture, Ceramic works and Land Art.He organizes also a yearly Land -Art event , called Projecto en Sitio , in which he invites artists to participate to create their works on pre selected sites in nature around his studio in rural Mexico.

His works have been commissioned by Universities , Governmental Institutions, Museums and Private collectors and he has participated in many sculpture shows/ exhibitions around the world.


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