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Kenneth F Yates/ Street Photography

Kenneth F Yates studied Fine Art at Leeds University specializing in video art. As a filmmaker he has made films for Screen Yorkshire and North West Vision, and his videos have been shown on the big screen in Millennium Square Leeds as part of a screening series featuring Yorkshire Artists. His photographic works have been exhibited online and in galleries, most recently his photographs featured in an exhibition in Sao Paulo Brazil. “Working in an urban environment, I challenge myself to find beauty in the mundanity of urbanity. Photography transcends language - images are instantly understandable, yet remain unknowable. I use black and white as it is one step removed from reality. Sometimes I use sets of images arranged together with the narrative coming from the viewer. I'm excited by details others may miss, a plastic bag caught in a tree, a church clock with no hands, the sweeping curves of an underpass. I want to encourage people to look more deeply, to see beyond the obviousness of the unremarkable.”


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