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Kseniia Antipina for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Kseniia Antipina is a Russian artist based in Berlin.

In her works, Kseniia tells the audience about the emotions, feelings, and complexes that any person may experience. The importance of this topic lies in the fact that it is normal to experience different emotions; it does not make a person bad or wrong. It is normal to feel scared, it is normal to feel not at ease, and it is also normal to experience joy without a particular reason.

Humans percept other humans' emotions first of all through facial expressions. Therefore in these photos, faces are intentionally hidden. With this, Kseniia moves the attention away from faces, and instead, viewers are expected to experience the visual image as a whole. Thus, viewers are first of all confronted with their own feelings that these artworks invoke in them.

Everyday materials are used to create images - fabrics, paper, wire, headbands, scarves, and more. Particular attention is paid to visual aesthetics and color-related accents.

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