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Lavoslava Benčić/ Spring Issue

Lavoslava Benčić is a Slovenian intermedia artist, curator and pedagogue. Her educational background is media production, and new media art.

Lavoslava Benčić in her works »Speculative Hybrids« raises questions about the survival of individual plant species and the possibilities of hybridization by combining more resistant and less resistant species and the usefulness of artificial intelligence tools in designing new resistant plants suitable for future fast changing conditions on Earth. She proceeds from the assumption that human presence and arrogant exploitation of nature has undermined the natural balance of plant species and through her work tries to open and change possible ways of thinking so that we can again approach, feel and preserve nature as a value necessary for human survival. Her portfolio comprises ML generated graphics, interactive installations, electronic textiles, graphical sounds, latent videos and glitch art. The Ministry of Culture of Slovenia ranks her among the authors crucial for Slovene culture. At the IAM Institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia) she works as a qualified lecturer. Her works have been exhibited/displayed/published 98 times in 22 countries and awarded fourteen times.


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