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Leyli Salayeva/ #loveofmylife

More than just a young wine

I don't know what colour is your depression

olive, crimson or maybe royal blue

Oh no, you told me

Its light lilac

Just like your soul, I assume

I don't know many things about you:

your height, what you prefer to eat

or your favourite places to go

But verbal information

helps to build up an image

and stereotype. That's all

What I know is something earth less

Something that can't be enclosed in a frame

Something that is unfolding slowly

And just like tasting young red wine

(rarely caresses, rather extremely stimulates)

Your energy and your virtual presence

stirs up passion in my vessel

And so the story begins.

Leyli Salayeva - an award-winning performance poet, writer and experimental artist. She is a founder of UpdownPoetry & Squarefiftyseven poetry concepts. She has authored award-winning children’s book “Dilber and Her Spoonful Journey”, two poetry books in English – “Twelve Thirteen” (2014) and “Youtopia” (2016) and two poetry books in Russian – “Anabioz” (2018) and “Zatilok” (2020). Youtopia received Honorable Mention at 2016 London Book Festival. Her latest project “57 Portraits” is a gallery of portraits of contemporaries created in poetic form.

Her poems and articles have been published in numerous literature journals in the UK, Poland, Canada, Russia, Australia and USA. Leyli's collaborative works with local & international artists were exhibited in The Poetry Society UK, Triumph Gallery Moscow, Yay Gallery Baku, Tbilisi Art Fair, etc. Her collaborative work “Men only, women be not ashamed" dedicated to verbal harassment of women had a resonance in the society.


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