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Lisa Poulsen/ 'Landscapes'

Lisa returned to her roots in the Far North of Scotland in 2007 after travelling and completing a Design degree with honours at Edinburgh's Napier University. Upon the launch of her ’StoneScape' collection in 2017, Lisa’s career as a graphic designer switched to artist. Having released sixteen sell-out limited edition titles to date, Lisa has a growing number of stockists, international collectors and a private commission wait list. Lisa releases work during exclusive 48 hour shop openings with a percentage of sales donated to local charities. Lisa explored artist submissions for the first time in 2022 and was awarded 2nd for Women United Art Movement's Art Prize and pre-selection for the Society of Scottish Artists' Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

''I take inspiration from a 400 million year old journey cast in stone. Growing up in Caithness, I was surrounded by the county’s flagstone, its heritage, and the vast landscape composed during its formation. I see sky, sea and land upon the weathered surfaces of Caithness stone. Using photographs of stone captured from cliffs, harbours, beaches, paving slabs and even ancient standing stones, I create digital landscapes. Connecting with the natural environment is my therapy. Through my work, I aim to encourage deeper connections between people, the therapeutic qualities of their surroundings and in turn, themselves.''


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