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Lotta Schimanke/ Winter Issue

Art is long, life is short. All my childhood, this saying was on a refrigerator magnet in our kitchen. Today that phrase is tattooed on my arm. Displaying. Visualizing. Breaking taboos. Creating a comfort zone. And leaving it. That is my definition of art. A creation and expression of my wish for diversity and representation. Representation of my thoughts and worries, but also the ones of other people. I am a queer feminist who grew up in a patriarchal society in which politics and social media are stigmatizing and exploiting my body since the day I was born. It was only a matter of time until I became active. After graduating school I decided to study in the social sector. My work life is people-oriented. My art is too. My topics often revolve around human bodies. Some of my series are about normalizing different body(parts), that are not represented enough. Vulnerability is a keyword in my works. The last months I was working on some photo projects, that are my favorite medium. But I don't want to reduce myself to that. I love trying different techniques and art forms. The ideology in my works stay the same, but my way of showing it changes. Ars longa, vita brevis. "That will never come off", my mom sobs. "Tattoos are forever!" Forever... Yet life is so short. What an irony.


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