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Lucia Dunaj/ Autumn Issue

Lucia Dunaj is a young painter living in Bratislava (Slovak Republic). She completed her studies in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, but before that she completed her bachelor's degree at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. In her work, the author focuses on the enormous prevalence of filister (filister - backward, conservative, limited, with a shallow life goal) in our society. In simple terms, one could say that it is human stupidity depicted in the author's performance. She compresses the weakness, shallowness, naivety, uneducatedness, as well as the dull appearance or life priorities of the people around her, significantly different from her own, into variously composed forms. These forms or formations resemble, in places, very simple (microbial) forms of life, which is ultimately capable of reproducing, receiving nourishment and excreting, that is, of performing all that these criticized individuals do. Man (the philistine) has been definitively condemned mentally and physically by the author. The form of the composed shapes was sought intuitively and non-violently. In the works one can feel a hint of a kind of archetypal representation and stylization of the body, observable for several years. It is meant a body that is still a recognizable body, but extremely deformed, unhealthy, animal. This living entity has lost the ability to move on an advanced level and in appearance more closely resembles its mental core. The present head and the humped, neckless torso fused into a single whole have functioned in the past as a hallmark of the artist's work. Technically, acrylic dominates the work, rarely supplemented by acrylic medium. There is also an airbrush intervention, which the artist has recently become very fond of as a technique The ambition of this particular series of paintings is not to give a comprehensive report on the state of society, but to encourage the viewer to think about the issues that the artist deals with.


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