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Mahnissa Maneerut (Queen B, Mandi)/ Summer Issue

“Dear Mandi, remember you are just a human”

In a world of judgments, she walks the path,

A woman burdened by society's wrath.

Seeking perfection in every single way,

But the pain of judgment holds her in sway.

She molds herself, bending to their will,

Striving to be flawless, but she feels the chill.

For in this pursuit, she loses her own voice,

Trapped in the confines of societal choice.

She hears the whispers, the critical eyes,

As they dissect her worth with cold, hardened lies.

Their measuring gaze upon her every move,

Leaving her wounded, her spirit bruised.

But deep within her, a fire burns bright,

A flicker of truth, a resolute fight.

She yearns to break free from the chains that bind,

To embrace her imperfections, her own kind.

For perfection is an illusion, a mirage,

A concept designed to control and barrage.

She realizes now, in her pain-filled quest,

That true beauty resides within her chest.

In embracing her flaws, she finds her might,

No longer confined by judgment's tight.

Her scars become badges, her quirks a delight,

As she embraces herself, a shining light.

No more shall she bow to their demands,

For she's unapologetically taking a stand.

A perfect woman, in her own unique way,

Radiating strength and self-love each day.

So, let the judgments fade into the wind,

As she rises above, letting her true self rescind.

For the pain she once carried, now transformed,

Into a powerful force that will forever be adorned.

She is a woman of substance and grace,

Unafraid to live life at her own pace.

In her authenticity, she finds her release,

And from judgment's clutches, she finds peace.

Embrace yourself, for you are enough,

Break free from the chains, call their bluff.

For in your journey, through pleasure and strife,

You are the embodiment of a perfect life.

“Can you forgive me?”

In the stillness of the night, I hear your plea,

A whispered question, "What have I done? Tell me."

Your voice, heavy with remorse and pain,

Searching for answers, longing to explain.

But the silence echoes, no response in sight,

As your heart wrestles with guilt, consumed by the night.

"Can you forgive me?" your soul cries out,

Seeking solace, yearning for doubt to be cast out.

In the realm of mistakes, we all have tread,

Sometimes leaving scars, where forgiveness is spread.

But the path to healing begins with grace,

Understanding the depths of our own mistakes.

Regret can be a burden, weighing on your soul,

But growth is born from acknowledging the toll.

Reflect upon the choices made in the past,

Seek to learn, to evolve, and hold steadfast.

Forgiveness is a journey, a process that takes time,

For wounds run deep, healing can't be confined.

It requires open hearts, compassion's embrace,

To mend the fractures, find a common space.

But remember, my friend, forgiveness is not just external,

It starts within, with self-acceptance that's eternal.

Release the burden, the weight that you bear,

For growth and redemption are yours to declare.

Open up the dialogue, have an honest conversation,

Acknowledge your mistakes, seek reconciliation.

But if forgiveness is not freely given or received,

Find solace in knowing you've truly believed.

Seek understanding, empathy, and growth,

In the face of remorse, let compassion flow.

For we're all human, imperfect in our ways,

Learning, stumbling, as we navigate life's maze.

So, don't be too hard on yourself, my dear,

Forgiveness may come when the time is clear.

But in the meantime, learn, grow, and find peace,

Embrace the lessons, let self-forgiveness increase.

Remember, we all stumble, we all fall,

But it's the strength to rise that truly enthralls.

Hold your head high, learn from the past,

Embrace forgiveness, and let your spirit amass.

You are worthy of love, of a second chance,

Embrace self-forgiveness, release the dance.

For in the depths of your being, you'll find,

A strength and resilience that forever will bind.


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