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Mariken Heijwegen/ Spring Issue

Updated: May 15, 2022

Mariken Heijwegen is an artist based in the Netherlands.

After finishing an art school, fashion, and textiles, She revealed around the world as a stylist. After 10 years she does not like the fashion scene anymore and ended up as a teacher of arts in a high school. What she taught the children is that they can express their feelings by making art. And thereby get to know oneself. The road there is more important than the end goal.

”All my work comes from unknown places in my head””

“My passion for painting is my way of expressing my feelings. My hands help me transform my thoughts on the canvas. I often paint on wood because it is a great hard and matte material. I paint heads. An awful lot happens in a head and no one knows, except you, what's going on there. Sometimes it is dark, scary, filled with fears and doubts, obstacles and everything that is human and for which man is ashamed. I want to break that taboo by telling about it through my work.

All my paintings are self-portraits. Portraits of my feelings in my head. Questions like: why am i feeling like this. What happened with me. My head is burning, electricity and all the ants are walking in my head. A neuroses is so hard to explain. So i explained it in my paintings. It is all me. Slowly the paintings are less capricious and less vague. There is slowly coming a person in front of the painting. That person is me. “

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Bianca Deppe-van de Kolk
Bianca Deppe-van de Kolk
15 de mai. de 2022

Love your work!!!❤️

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