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MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma - Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature

Goddess Art

'' Living since 2003 in Tamil Nadu, South India, my paintings celebrate the Earth- and Nature-Goddesses, their immense, healing energies.

The Earth- and Nature-Goddesses, especially the Neem Tree Goddesses, are my great inspirations for my artworks. Indeed, we paint together.

Before creating an artwork, I start with a ritual. Sitting on the Earth, embracing a Neem Tree, dancing with the Stars and the Moon to the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Earth, moving and dancing with flowing waters of the Rain Goddess and Ocean Goddess, my ritual dance can take many forms... The energies start flowing and circulating inside me, finally manifesting them as a painting. Every painting represents a particular moment, a sacred space of the Earth- and Nature-Goddesses, representing particular healing energies. Each painting invites to a magical visual meditation adventure of transformation and healing. Further, my artworks are also a visualisation of a world where everybody respects, honours and venerates the Earth- and Nature-Goddesses, Mother Earth and Nature – the source of all life. For my artworks, I only use self-made natural colours and as a varnish self- made organic bees wax varnish,'' Mariska

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