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Michael Wagner/ Autumn Issue

Michael Wagner was born in Heidelberg in 1953, Michael Wagner used every free minute for artistic studies during his studies at the Mannheim University, and then concentrated entirely on the fine arts after completing his degree. Since 1981 he lives and works as a freelance painter, graphic artist and photo artist (self-taught) in Heidelberg.

While Michael Wagner initially worked in the representational field, depicting landscapes and people, he gradually developed an artistic conception that focuses on color and its manifold possibilities. On this path Michael Wagner opened up the world of the constructively concrete. Geometry joined color, became an equal partner and provided stability and continuity. Thus color was not given an expressive quality, but rather a purely visual meaning. It does not "jump" into the space, but it has a high presence, a great impact potential. Michael Wagner designs his works on this basis, trusting in the power of color and geometry.


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