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Nathan Beaton/ Nude Art

Nathan is an early-career contemporary painter based in Leeds, UK, with a first-class honours degree in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University. Nathans's practice focuses on the intimate and beautiful nature of queer, transgender male bodies in familiar and suggestively domestic settings through contemporary oil painting. His work aims to disassemble prejudice by igniting discourse between the audience and the work without visually stimulating a defensive or uncomfortable response. The paintings feel inviting, non-threatening and sensual. This engagement technique is developed through the visual complexity of Nathan's painting process, explored through tens of glazes of oil paint, affected by emotive mark-making and rubbing back with cloth. Each exposed layer is symbolic of his identity, queerness, and body. The exposure of this process is integral to how his audiences absorb his work, and you, as the viewer, are encouraged to see yourself, your vulnerability, and your identity within these paintings. How can we see ourselves in inclusive image-making? and how can this contribute towards a more progressive and accepting society?


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