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Oleksandra Kulikovska/ Nude Art

Oleksandra Kulikovska was born in 2002 in Odesa, Ukraine. In 2022 she had to emigrate to Dresden (Germany) because of war. Oleksandra has studied psychology at the university for a year and in 2022 started to study fine arts in HfBK Dresden. In her interdisciplinary art, Oleksandra actively explores the themes of fear, mental disorders, death, war, and violence.

Complex topics are often avoided but she is sure it hinders the honest view of reality. If one looks at reality honestly, they can change something and make this world a better place. Oleksandra's main goal is to ask the right questions through her works and help people see reality and believe that it can be changed.

Her collage works have been exhibited at personal and group exhibitions in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, USA, China, Canada, Slovenia, Ukraine.


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