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Ondřej Vavrečka for Collect Art, Autumn Issue

Ondřej is an artist, filmmaker, musician, scholar and teacher. Based in programming then changed into humanities, namely philosophy and linguistics. Then studied film school, where graduated on new media department. Ondřej also finished PhD. degree. As artist, started with experimental writing combining text and images. Then, moved into moving image and electronic media area and now rooted in more present and material forms of art: performance and hand made images objects. Ondřej is exhibiting in collective and solo exhibitions, currently having two in Prague, Czech Republic. Artistic and experimental films were shown both in country and abroad. They were honored with prizes.

''We see that crucial for human beings is the material presence, that became extremely, money-like precious. And with which goods are we trading using this type of „currency“? Our most numerous and biggest product in the trash. It is the foundation of our economy, that turns almost everything into trash. My works connect the two areas. They are made from the garbage material by long handmade process. Everything present. They are filled with an aura of a question (that is sometimes humorous sometimes deep) of contemporary spirituality. They are searching for both interior and exterior path to be taken by humankind.'' Ondřej Vavrečka

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