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Paul James Kearney/ Book Edition

Paul James Kearney was born in Galway, completed his BFA in Contemporary Painting under the tuition of Blaise Drummond in 2014, and an MA in Arts Policy & Practice at NUIG, in 2015. Paul has exhibited in Ireland, the USA, the UK, Germany, Spain, Greece and Romania and currently, has artworks in public, corporate and private collections internationally. Embracing technology, he creates art through digital media which is then printed on fine art paper as a one-off print. His work is known for its striking and bold use of colour. He currently lives and works in Galway. Kearney’s work can be found in the Irish State Art collection, Dublin; University of Galway, Galway; Flazathores Conseil, Paris and Villanova University, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Galerie Iliev, Köln, Germany currently represent Kearney.


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