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Pol Barbero/ Winter Issue

With incredible force, Pol Barbero's language seems to reinvent the icons of 20th century street art, adapting perfectly to new formats but without renouncing his unquestionable personality, redefining messages that he even reinvents from the emotional and the grotesque as an absolute cry of denunciation and inexhaustible testimony. His musical training also brings an exceptional added value to works full of strength and temperament with an unquestionable execution of character. Another surprising aspect of Barbero's work is his immediate connections with the testimony of society; poignant, provocative and denouncing situations. Pol Barbero's work is a brilliant example in which, in addition, different disciplines converge, allowing us to be spectators and participants in his deepest concern: the human being in his anguished daily life. "I am currently at a point in my creative process where I like to experiment and mix plastic and digital media. I am 35 years old and I have lived the transition from analog to digital in my youth and I don't want to give up any of the 2 media when creating and expressing myself. I like to use acrylic, oil stick or ink and then digitise the work and finish it with digital painting tools. I understand art as a need for me to bring out my inner world and as a form of catharsis. Most of the themes of my work are introspective in nature, and with respect to the theme of equality, I have dealt with it from more intimate points of view and interpersonal relationships or from a more social level."


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