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Polina Burushina/ Book Edition

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Polina is an Artist and curator, spent the last year in Georgia. Now I live in France, but come to Tbilisi regularly – ''this is an undiscovered place that allowed me to return to drawing for the first time in many years, and which I never tired of discovering.''

''Art is a creative reflection of reality.

These two works were created with a difference of a year. When I moved to Tbilisi last March, I walked past this sign every day - it stood near a closed old beautiful house during the day and promised that something would happen there at night. This inscription on a clear day beckoned me, but what was happening at night seemed very mysterious - and various amazing inaccessible performances were imagined. Concerts, which the world has not seen, and which the sleeping me will never see.

This March, there were mass protests in Georgia against the foreign agents bill. These were amazing rallies that opened for me the character of good-natured Georgians from a new side - staunch and brave. So the picture in my head changed. A year later, I have a little more idea of what happened at night. What will the next picture look like?''


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